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Tea Radovic (Serbia) - Bachelor of Psychology, Master studies of human resources, psychosocial consultant, entrepreneur

Superposition and Entanglement of Quantum Personality (Interactive presentation in the TED style) 

Presentation Language: English

A holistic approach to comprehending the human psyche as a substrate for the interplay between the physical and spiritual implies that a certain part of the personality functions at the level of atomic and subatomic particles, which are as such subject to the fundamental principles of quantum mechanics. The two basic constructs of quantum physics, according to which particles of matter exhibit their basic behavioral principles, are Superposition and Quantum Entanglement. The initial premise of the Quantum Personality, which I intend to assert, is that certain personality instances also operate on the levels of subatomic and atomic particles, i.e. to utilize the principles of the quantum world through emotional, cognitive and behavioral patterns of expression of the individual persona. Superposition assumes that each particle is found in infinitely different states at the same time, for as long as the secondary party through its observation does not put the given particle in a definite state. The assumption that follows is that the personality also varies in its psychic states depending on the context in which it is found at a given moment. Quantum Entanglement represents a phenomenon of multiple particles to adapt their state to the states of others, regardless of the size of the space that separates them. Within the sphere of personality existence, this law is applicable to several fields - intrinsically, propagating the correlation of psychic substrates, and externally, through the influence of social context. The use value of the aforementioned postulates is primarily reflected through the critique of diagnostic processes which are based on subjective validation of mental disorders and as such negate the basic laws of quantum physics.