Lyudmila Sirotkina (Russia)


Lyudmila Sirotkina (Russia) - PhD, Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University (Kaliningrad); author and leader of the contest "Logic. Thinking. Creativity", logic Olympiads for schoolchildren, author of the book "Logical principles for children and adults"

Logical culture of thinking: conditions and development strategies. (Direction: "Philosophy for Children") (Presentation) 

Presentation language: Russian

According to the research of J. Piaget, by the age of 15-16, thinking reaches the level of formal (propositional) operations. Is logical normativity as a criterion of logical culture and a condition for effective discursiveness an attribute of natural thinking? Empirical studies show that in the regime of normative logic it functions extremely rarely, revealing all the effects of "childish" thinking (M. A. Kholodnaya). What is the reason for the non-actualization of the resources of individual intelligence? The specifics of the leading channels of translation of models of individual rationality in the context of informal education leads to repeated reproduction of logical errors and the consolidation of persistent stereotypes of logically incorrect development of mental procedures. What are the conditions and strategies for the development of a culture of thinking in terms of procedural normativeness? The presentation will discuss the principles of sensitivity, reflexivity, and qualitativity as the basic foundations for constructing educational influences, as well as presenting the experience of the early formation of logical structures.