Vasile Hațegan (Romania)


Vasile Hațegan (Romania) - PhD in Philosophy, West University of Timișoara. He has a PhD in Philosophy and he is researcher at the West University of Timișoara and a practitioner in Client Counseling recognized by APPA. Now, he is also President of The Professional Association of Philosophical Counseling and the Ethics from Romania and his work is promoting a new profession, the philosophical counselor.

Philosophical meditation, a practical instrument for leadership development (Workshop) 

Presentation Language: English

The workshop present to the interdisciplinary links that get attention to the meditative practices as part of the philosophy put into practice, from the individual level to groups or organizations. Looking from the point of view of the areas in which it can interact, we refers especially to the modalities of applying the philosophical meditation, as an important instrument of the philosophical practitioner, who can interact with the leader of the organization, in the new process of the philosophical consultancy offered to the manager or the leader of a company. The workshop present the concept of philosophical leadership, where the leader will learn the meditative state for the realization of a meditative application of philosophical type, conducted by a specialist, who using the specific elements of the meditative exercises used in ancient times by philosophers, and which can be brought in the current context of philosophical counseling, as a form of a useful philosophical practice for a managers, with benefits for both parties, both for the practitioner and for the leader.