Victoria Chernenko, Lara Kurygina (Russia)


Victoria Chernenko (Russia) - Master of Psychology, specializing in cultural-historical psychology, graduate student, practical philosopher, editor and translator of books. The creator of the Institute of Thinking and Dialogue and the Pocket Philosopher project. Victoria has been engaged in philosophical practice for 8 years and holds seminars and individual consultations in 25 countries. Main specialization: philosophical counseling, philosophy in business, the art of interpretation. The author of a series of mental marathons: about Love, about Freedom, about Happiness, about Death, about Beauty.

Lara Kurygina (Russia) - philosopher-consultant, critical thinking coach, graduate of the Philosophical Counseling course of Oscar Brenifier.

The art of interpretation - archeology of a subject (Workshop) 

Presentation language: Russian 

It is possible to recognize a person by one of his statements! To build his / her archeology means to know through what paradigm he / she looks at the world, what beliefs he / she has, what emotional state he / she has, and what internal difficulties he / she experiences. At the workshop you will practice in interpreting a person, get acquainted with different tools of this art.