Vitaly Popov (Russia)


Vitaly Popov (Russia) - Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, Department of Theory and Philosophy of Law, Rostov State Economic University (RINH) - Chekhov Taganrog Institute (branch)

Inclusion philosophy: constructive-activity aspect (Presentation)

Presentation language: Russian

In modern literature, a number of approaches to the theoretical and methodological foundations of the Inclusion philosophy are highlighted. The author emphasizes a constructive-activity approach based on the idea of ​​an "inclusive" society with a priority of rationality. The heuristic principle is realized in the direct activity on the formation of culture related to the existing ways of attitudes towards social reality. The specific of a person with special educational needs is revealed in the unity of value and target aspects in the implementation of its subjective essence. This is due to the situation when the subject has the opportunity to make such a rational decision, which may be at variance with the tasks and characteristics of society. A subject with special educational needs, having lost for some time some own value orientations, regains them. This allows him not only to talk about his own attitude to rational and social activity, but also to make individual decisions in the framework of this activity.

The study was carried out with the financial support of the RFBR in the framework of the research project "Understanding the socio-philosophical phenomenon of educational inclusion in the context of foreign and domestic methodological approaches and models", No. 19-013-00117\19