Vladimir Klimentyev (Russia)


Vladimir Klimentyev (Russia) - Master of Philosophy, teacher of the history of philosophy, Organizer of the educational project "PHILOSOPHY & I - School of Thought", facilitator of the workshops "Constructive Conversation", "AntiSophist", director of the autonomous noncommertial organization "Communication - a place of meaning" (St. Petersburg).

Seminar on the history of philosophy as a format for philosophical practice (workshop) 

Presentation language: Russian

Since the summer of 2013, webinars have been held almost daily on the online course on the history of philosophy, which I teach. Now a rare webinar lasts less than 2-3 hours. This is a small life several times a week. What do we live in these hours? Is something happening here? Does it affect our daily lives? Yes! Discussing the read source, we learn not only to be incognizant, to make mistakes. The mistake becomes fruitful in joint thinking and leads to real bliss of discovery, which is always the result of joint effort. Many participants noted a side therapeutic effect of these meetings. Knowledge of texts, thoughts of philosophers, development of one's thinking, connectedness of concepts, clarification of the picture of the world - this becomes, as it were, a necessary concomitant achievement of the ongoing main process - the joy of joint thinking and a sense of being. At the workshop, we will try to recreate that atmosphere and conditions of our webinars by reading and discussing a fragment of a philosophical work (most likely Antiquity).