Vladislav Gurenko (Russia)


Vladislav Gurenko (Russia) - candidate of philosophical sciences, philosopher practitioner, lecturer of the All-Russian lecture auditorium "Intelligent environments", an expert in the field of practical philosophy and philosophy of culture.

The conflict of speech and text in Greek philosophy (Lecture) 

Presentation language: Russian

Greek philosophy created two fundamental traditions: the tradition of speech and text. The first belongs to Socrates and Plato, and the second to Aristotle and his students. These schools declared intellectual war on each other. Traces of this philosophical strife we ​​find in modern education, art and science. What are the main arguments behind these positions? Can this long-standing dispute be resolved?

The Exercise "Diaresis" (διαρεσης) (Workshop) 

Diaresis is an analytical method for dividing a concept into two parts. In order to understand the essence of a particular concept, it is necessary to identify the generic concept and its specific species properties. The exercise is designed to explore the depth of the concept and then we will construct together a definition.