We are preparing a special issue of APPA's Journal


Dear participants of the II Online Conference on Philosophical Practice (July 27-30, 2021)!

We are preparing a special issue of APPA's Journal (Philosophical Practice: Journal of the American Philosophical Practitioners Association), where your article on your research on philosophical practice, on which you gave a lecture, workshop or presentation during a conference, can be published.

The APPA's Journal covers substantive issues in the areas of client counseling, group facilitation, and organizational consulting. It provides a forum for discussing professional, ethical, legal, sociological, and political aspects of philosophical practice, as well as juxtapositions of philosophical practice with other professions. Articles may address theories or methodologies of philosophical practice; present or critique case-studies; assess developmental frameworks or research programs.

Instructions for Authors: Papers may be theoretical, empirical or review articles. They will usually be around 6,000 words although, where merited, longer submissions will be considered. Shorter articles on research findings, methods and techniques (up to 4,000 words) are also invited. The language of the journal is English. Decisions regarding publication will be made by the Editors with advice from the Editorial Boards or Reviewers, with feedback provided to authors on decisions taken.

Address for Correspondence: Manuscripts should submit as email attachments in Microsoft Word, to Guest Editor of a special issue of APPA's Journal borisovsv69@mail.ru Manuscripts are accepted until September 20, 2021.

Guidelines for Manuscripts: Manuscripts must be double-spaced MS-Word documents (docx). The word-count should be stated. The title should be brief and indicate the main topic of the article. A list of up to eight keywords should be supplied, as well as a summary abstract of up to 150 words. Authors' names should be given in full on a separate sheet. Authors should provide brief details (up to 50 words) of professional autobiography. Authors' address, telephone, fax and email details should be included. Where there are two or more authors, a single contact for correspondence and proofs should be indicated.

Referencing Books:

Feary, V. (2002). Medicine for the soul: Philosophical counselling with cancer patients. In H. Herrestad, A. Holt, H. Svare (Eds.), Philosophy in Society. Oslo: Unipub Forlag.

Grimes, P., Uliana, R. (1998). Philosophical midwifery: A new paradigm for understanding human problems. Coast Mesa, CA: Hyparxis Press.

Referencing Articles:

Koch, A. (2000). Absolutism and relativism: Practical implications for philosophical counseling. Journal of Philosophy in the Contemporary World, 7, 25-31.

Only works actually cited in the text should be included in the references. Indicate in the text by putting inside brackets the author's name and year of publication. References should be listed in alphabetical order at the end of the article. Publications from the same author in a single year should use a, b, c, etc.

Footnotes and Tables: Footnotes are not normally permitted but endnotes may be used if necessary. Tables should be Word objects, laid out clearly and supplied on separate pages, with an indication within the text of their approximate location. Vertical lines should be omitted, and horizontal lines limited to those indicating the top and bottom of the table, below column headings and above summed totals. Totals and percentages should be labelled clearly.

Guidelines for Graphical Images: Graphical images must be of professional quality and included as separate high-resolution files. Each image must be attached and named chronologically "figure 1," "figure 2," etc. Images must not be embedded in the manuscript itself. The approximate location of each image should be indicated in the manuscript with a stand-alone sentence: "Figure 1 approximately here," etc. Acceptable file formats: JPG and TIFF. Minimum resolution 300ppi. Maximum image size: 1/2 page (approx. 6" wide by 4" tall).

Copyright: Manuscripts are considered on the understanding that they are not being considered concurrently by another journal. On acceptance you will be asked to assign copyright in your article to the Journal. Consent for reproduction of your article in collections of your work appearing subsequent to publication will be given without charge, contingent on full citation of your article herein.

We look forward to receiving your manuscripts!

Guest Editor of a special issue of APPA's Journal,

Prof. Sergey Borisov