(NEW) Yana Makakenko (Russia)


Yana Makakenko (Russia) - Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor of the Department of Social Philosophy of the Ural Federal University, co-organizer and permanent moderator of Death café (Yekaterinburg), certified therapist of Rational-emotional-behavioral therapy.

How can we talk about death? (Workshop) 

Presentation language: Russian

Workshop for specialists working in the field of "man-man" (psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers, teachers), as well as for everyone interested in how to learn how to work with the experiences associated with death and dying, to find ways to comprehend this phenomenon . This is a training from the author's program "Death and Immortality in the Circle of Human Life, Being and Existence", which was implemented for mediators at the 5th Industrial Biennale of Contemporary Art in August 2019. An important task of this program was the ability of the participants to "be" with the theme of death and talk about death as ecologically as possible. Workshop developed in the format conversational practice and exercises - in pairs, small groups and individually. During the workshop, participants are given the opportunity to learn how to work with emotions associated with death and dying, to consciously reflect the reactions that have appeared, and also to talk about death with themselves, the other, the world as a whole, and at the same time remain themselves.