Журнал Synthesis Philosophica


Проф. Александар Фатич и Лука Перушич (редактор журнала Synthesis Philosphicica) приглашают вас направлять правильно оформленные неопубликованные статьи, написанные на английском, немецком или французском языках, посвященные специально отобранной редакционной теме «Философская практика»,  в журнал Synthesis Philoshica.

Dear researchers,

Please accept our invitation to send completed, unpublished papers written in English, German or French and dedicated to the specially selected Editorial topic on "Philosophical practice" in Synthesis philosophica.

Submission information:

We are interested in the full spectrum of problems related to Philosophical Practice because we aim at exploring its inherent complexity, and we accept both new and experimental ideas and review papers. We respect different approaches and methodologies, diversity of orientations, schools of thought and ways of thinking. We do not mind interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary studies, as long as they include philosophical reasoning, but we will also gladly consider marginalised or unfairly neglected themes, as well as papers whose authors believe that some old problems or theses need to be reconsidered.

Given the spectrum, papers may follow, but are not limited to, some of the following fields of problems:

  • The methodology of philosophical practice
  • The capacity of philosophical practice to encompass traditional fields of psychotherapy
  • Philosophical counseling
  • Corporate philosophical consultancy
  • Socratic dialogue
  • Questioning
  • The role of language as a counseling medium in light of the philosophy of language
  • Language games
  • Values and counseling
  • Personal boundaries and identity

The journal is fully accessible via open access portal for scientific journals "Hrčak" ["Hamster"] at https://hrcak.srce.hr/synthesis-philosophica?lang=en 

For any questions, feel free to send us an e-mail to synthesis.philosophica@hrfd.hr or fatic@instifdt.bg.ac.rs or aleksandar.fatic@gmail.com 

With respect and kind regards,

Luka Perušić, Managing editor Synthesis philosophica