Zoran Kojčić (Croatia)


Zoran Kojčić (Croatia) - PhD, Petit Philosophy Association, he published philosophical novel "Walk through..." (2014), and is the author of forthcoming travelogue 'Hidden Europe' (2020), he organized various events in Philosophical Practice in Croatia, including Cafe Philo, Philo Wine, Philosophical Walks, Critical thinking workshops, and he offers Philosophical Counseling to individuals and organizations.

Rhetoric of Epimeleia Heautou (Interactive presentation in TED style) 

Presentation Language: English

To take care of the Self, had a deeper meaning in Ancient times. For Plato's Socrates, it's a lifelong process and dialectics play a crucial role in it. Foucault reminded us of the importance of Plato's Alcibiades, and this early dialogue offers valuable connections to contemporary Philosophy. What was forgotten by Philosophical Practice so far, was the importance of Rhetoric, and its five main elements: inventio, elocutio, dispositio, memoria, actio. All five represent key steps in speech creation and performance. What would happen if we translated them into Philosophical Counseling? We would gain much more than expected - clear and simple explanation of PC in its core, but also a very interesting approach to our clients. Such combination leads us to Performance oriented Philosophical Counseling, based on Ancient foundations, but deeply connected to contemporary world. This new combination of ancient techniques delivers action based method for driven individuals who seek both practical solutions and deeper understanding of their issues and drives. This presentation will show how to reconcile theory and practice and use the best of both worlds in order to provide best service for our clients.